Getting coordinated with your clothes is an everyday task. We associated colors, models, and brands, to suggest you the best matchings with your Fred Perry clothes and put a high value on them. Polos, sweatshirts, ties, belts, or scarfs, we give importance to every details.
Send us your ideas, the most original matchings will be published !
archives (soon)


The Goldenboy match:

This first match, the "Goldenboy", is like a dedication to all english-teenagers-nerds. It's a mix between collector items, assorted colors, with a cool attitude. In fact, the only thing we don't provide for this one is the perfect haircut.


Polo Comme des garçons


Polo "Comme des garçons" black/yellow

Tanktop Laurel Classics grey/yellow


Tanktop "Laurel Classics "grey/yellow

Tennis shoe Pique white/gold


Tennis shoe "Pique" white/gold

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