Legit or not ?

As you know, a lot of fakes of any brand are available on the Internet, notably on eBay. We don't approve these, so we decided to do a guide to know when a Fred Perry polo is a fake one. Also, the product will probably shrink in the wash after very few washes, become misshaped and fade. Usually of poor quality when compared to the genuine item.


A fake is the genuine article purchased for sale through illegal means. For example Fred Perry ask their manufacturer to make 1000 polo’s, they actually make 1100. The 1000 are sent to Fred Perry, the 100 (called an overrun) go out the back door and enter the market. These 100 although the genuine articles are still fakes and illegal – any honest genuine clothes wholesaler will confirm this. In the long run damaging to the Fred Perry brand as they are usually sold cheaper then the ones from Fred Perry.


Neck size label:


On most of polos, you will see the difference in the neck size label. Here is an example, the fake label is on the left and the real one on the right.





Men polos have "Fred Perry" written on the buttons, but this is not the case for women polos.


Washing instructions:


The usual material identifier ("100% cotton", ...) and washing symbols will have: a style identification number, a spare button, a Fred Perry laurel crest.


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